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 Endowment Fund

The Endowment Fund of our Rotary Foundation is a true endowment, where the donations are never spent, only a portion of the earnings. 

Our primary emphasis remains Every Rotarian, Every Year, that every Rotarian in our district will make a donation to support the Annual Fund of our Foundation. In District 6060, we hope to continue exceeding the average of $100 per Rotarian in supporting AF. In fact, to reach this average, as we have since the 2004-2005 Rotary year, we are grateful to those who are able to support Annual Fund even more strongly, such as our Paul Harris Society members.

It is these Annual Fund donations that are invested for three years, with the earnings from these investments paying all the overhead expenses of our Foundation during that time. After the three years of being invested, half of the funds return to our district as District Designated Funds and we use those to fund scholarships and grants both here in Missouri and internationally.

As our Rotarians become dedicated to strong support of our Rotary Foundation, we encourage each of them to include The Endowment Fund of The Rotary Foundation in their various estate planning instruments or through direct donations.

We encourage each of these donations to be made to the "Endowment Fund of The Rotary Foundation, with earnings going to SHARE".  This means that as the earnings are released each year, half of them will come back to our district as District Designated Funds to help us fund scholarships and grants.


 Specifically, the language we want to see in these various instruments is,

"a donation of _____ is being made to The Endowment Fund of The Rotary Foundation with earnings from this endowment to be distributed through the SHARE system. (FEIN:36-3245072)."

A short hand version is "Endowment Fund/SHARE."

If you have any questions or need any assistance, contact our districts  District's Foundation Chairman. They can put you in touch with experts who can provide assistance.